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Pro Gold Prospecting Trommels 10" & 14"

Pro Gold Trommel's

Patent No. D631,900

    • Durable, built to take a beating. Literally. Throw, dump, chunk, shovel rocks straight into the barrel without worry about breaking the hopper. This machine is built to LAST. Easily loaded into pickup truck by 1-2 people, weighs only 190 lbs.
    • Portable, convenient handle at the end of rock chute allows for wheel barrel type mobility.
    • Affordable, priced almost as low as some high-bankers on the market.
    • Made in the USA

MOVE SOME SERIOUS MATERIAL. Imagine moving one ton of material with a highbanker.  How long would that take? Weeks , Months? How about ONE HOUR? Impossible? Not with a Pro Gold Trommel! Want to know the secret to finding more gold? MOVE MORE MATERIAL. THAT’S IT. MOVE MORE MATERIAL, FIND MORE GOLD.

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10″(-HD) Barrel Pro Gold Trommel

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Patent No. D631,900
Heavy Duty Model – $3,200.00 USD Request a shipping estimate (For International orders please contact us.)
Weight: 225 lbs.
Dimensions: 64″ long, 30″ wide (from wheel to wheel) and 40″ tall.
Rotating drum: 10″ diameter / 32″ long.
Sluice box: 34″ long, 12″ wide, 4.5″ tall

14″ Barrel Pro Gold Trommel

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Patent No. D631,900 $4,200.00 USD Request a shipping estimate (For International orders please Contact us.)

Weight: 265 lbs.
Dimensions: 72″ long, 32″ wide (from wheel to wheel) and 44″ tall.
Rotating drum: 14″ diameter/ 48″ long.
Sluice box: 48″ long, 14″ wide, 4.5″ tall.
Powder coated 14" Pro Gold Trommel Powder coated 14″ Pro Gold Trommel

Pro gold Trommel Comparison Chart

All Trommels come with:

Transmission: 1 speed belt to chain drive. Small garden hose with nozzle may also be attached to aid with the cleanup process. Option on motor type: Gas 2.5 hp OHV horizontal, Electric 110V .5hp, or Electric 12V 1/8hp.

How the Pro Gold Trommel works:

Material is placed into the hopper, where the first spray zone washes the material before entering the rotating drum. The second spray zone, inside the rotating drum, washes the material as it tumbles. The third spray zone, outside the rotating drum, keeps the drum clean and helps wash the material.This unique design ensures the material is washed from multiple angles as the drum rotates, allowing a five gallon bucket of material to be processed in 2-3 minutes. As the material is washed and tumbled, the smaller pieces and dirt fall through the drum’s heavy steel screen into the funnel assembly. From there they are directed into the top end of the sluice and get washed through the riffles.The larger material still in the rotating drum, is tumbled and washed for the entire length of the drum and dropped out the end onto the trough.

It’s heavy duty, easy to maneuver and can process 25-30 five gallon buckets in an hour and a half! Move more material, get more gold.

Pro Gold Trommel – Patent No. D631,900.

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