Pro River Sluice Product Information

River sluice

Longest non-folding 12″ wide sluice box on the market!


(North & South America pricing only. For other International orders please contact us.)

Weight: 15 lbs.
Dimensions, with funnel attached:
60″ long, (without funnel: 48″ long) 12″ wide  and 4.5″ deep.
Funnel opening: 19″ down to 12″ wide.

Set up:

Place the river sluice into small river or stream where the water is flowing. Settle sluice half way to bottom of stream and allow for the correct drop of angle. The angle should be approximately 1″ of drop for each foot of sluice box. The flow of water should be 1/2″ of water over the riffles.

How the Pro River Sluice works:

Place classified material by small shovel or scoops in upper part of the funnel. Washed material will flow down and into the sluice box and over the riffles. Scoop in small amounts of material every 20-25 seconds, being careful not to overload the riffles. A 5 gallon bucket of material can be processed about every 15-20 minutes.

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